World’s Top 6 Hiking Trails

Walking on a hiking trail

The hiking trail is a path, road, and lane where hikers usually pass through during their hike. You may even want to refer to a hiking trail as a route that takes a hiker to his or her destination. Sometimes, it is very risky for hikers to cross their hiking trails because some trails are very narrow for only one person to go through it.

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Hiking trails are usually known as an unpaved road used by hikers. We all know that hiking is an adventurous activity. Hiking trails are not only simple unpaved roads but also a rugged or mountainous way. The term hiking is referred to as a long wild walk on a trail in the countryside or hilly area.

Some World-Famous Hiking Trails

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  1. Koko Head Hike – One of the most famous hiking trails in the world. In Honolulu, Hawaii, this trail takes up the side of Koko Head Crater. Back in the day, it was a cable car railroad on top of a mountain, where a military bunker and railroad was the only way to provide goods. Today, one needs to take 1080 steps to reach the top. If you just follow the railroad step by step, crossing a small bridge in the middle will make you finally reach the top of the mountain. Hikers can enjoy the beauty of downtown from here, like Waikiki, Honolulu, and Hanauma Bay.
  2. Inca Trail – Located in Peru, the length of this trail is 26 miles that are full of inclines and declines. This trail takes you through jungle ruins and beautiful scenery of mountains. At the end of the hike, you can see Machu Picchu.
  3. Kili Manjaro – Africa’s highest peak, Kili Manjaro, is also a famous hiking trail. It is a tough route; hence, bikers need to have guidance and training before coming. The beauty of this scenery is also worth the watch.
  4. Everest Base Camp – This hiking trail is called the “world’s most beautiful and challenging hiking trail”. Only few thousands of people have successfully reached the top. It takes 14 days to go from Kathmandu to the base of Everest. Passing through this hiking trail, people enjoy the wonderful scenery of surrounding villages.
  5. Routeburn Track – This hiking trail belongs to New Zealand from Mountain Aspiring National Park to Florland National Park. This trail isn’t particularly long; it’s just 20 miles worth of the beauty of nature. Moss covered forests, cross swing bridges accompanying river pass waterfalls, and mountains comprise the beautiful scenery of this track.
  6. Appalachian Trail – This is the single longest foot trail in the world. It’s a 200190 miles long trail that passes through 14 states, giving the taste of America’s world-famous wilderness.

Hikers will definitely want to add these famous hiking trails to their bucket list.

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