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Ultralight Hiking: Some Lightweight Equipment

Ultralight Hiking

What’s ultralight hiking anyway? In a nutshell, this type of hiking suggests a new way of looking at outdoor activities, by making use of the very lightweight equipment that is so much in fashion these days. You accomplish this by taking only what is needed for your particular conditions and lightweight, lightweight versions of every other gear.

Heavy-Duty Gears

Traditional hiking entails more heavy-duty gears like ropes, backpacks, camping chairs, and the like. These are essential elements of an outdoor adventure, but the best part is the fact that they are also durable and hard-wearing. This gives the hiker’s something difficult to find on the market – lightness.

Very Lightweight Versions
Ultralight Hiking: Some Lightweight Equipment

Ultralight Hiking

A single person can’t go hiking with light loads, which requires a significant amount of strength. You may find out that hiking on the trail with only the bare necessities means a lot less effort is indeed worth the results you get from it. The whole idea of ultralight hiking has become very popular among hikers of all levels.

Different Requirement

What’s the best part of using lightweight trekking gear like tents, hiking poles, and even lightweight sleeping bags? The answer lies in the fact that they are far more comfortable than conventional ones, which makes the trip far more enjoyable and worthwhile. However, this is not possible for everybody because everybody will have different requirements in regards to their experience and the things that they want out of their trip. For many people, ultralight hiking can mean a change of pace, but for others, it could mean the chance to take long walks in the countryside.

Regular Hiking: Ultralight Hiking

For a typical trekker who is used to spending long periods on the trail, ultralights can mean spending most of the trip doing absolutely nothing. Regular hiking outfitters would, of course, discourage such a thing, but not all do, and in fact, it is the perfect way to escape the humdrum of everyday life. All you need to carry with you is a tent, a sleeping bag, and maybe a few meals.

More Enjoyable: Ultralight Hiking

On the contrary, for a typical backpacker, this option can mean the complete opposite of relaxation and comfort, as the backpack and the pack can weigh down his back a lot. To a normal hiker, it can also mean the possibility of getting lost on the trail. If you don’t have someone to lead you around and tell you where you’re going or have to stop and sit for a while, you could end up taking a wrong turn and end up in the wrong part of the wilderness. But the upside to this is that the entire trip would be less difficult and more enjoyable.

Expensive To Acquire

Traditional hiking outfitters can be somewhat expensive to acquire, and if you think that they will last a long time, well, there’s still the option of buying an entire set. To make sure that everything remains the same. There’s a downside to all this, though, as you’ll have a huge amount of stuff to carry to store and transport on a hike.

Very Popular Hiking Equipment
Ultralight Hiking: Some Lightweight Equipment


Of course, even though ultralight hiking may sound like a good idea on its face, it can be quite costly compared to traditional trekking. However, this can be a worthwhile investment in the long run when you realize that you’ll get the same enjoyment and convenience from your activity as you get from traditional hiking and without the expense of buying all those other supplies for the trip.

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