Trails Building: What Are The Tools

Best Tools For Trail Building

It isn’t effortless to find an excellent place to have fun with our mountain bikes or hiking. Therefore, it is better when we build our trail building. It isn’t straightforward to build the trail with our hands. You can’t just move rocks and make the trail. But don’t worry, there are a lot of amazing tools that you can use to make our favorite trails building.


Best Tools For Trail Building
Best Tools For Trail Building

A chainsaw is an essential tool for trail building. It will help you to get rid of dead-falls and brush. Always wear safety gear when using a chainsaw. Chainsaws are useful when there are considerable obstacles on the way.

Brush Saw          

The brush saw is similar to the chainsaw. It runs on gasoline, and we use it to cut down small and medium brushes. The saw blade will also help in getting rid of all the tiny plants.

Folding Saw

When building a trail, a folding saw is the best in the game. It is small and can be carried anywhere with ease. It will saw whatever needs sawing.

Trails Building: Pole Saw

Pole saw is also similar to a chainsaw. We use it to cut down low hanging branches. It would help if you had top clearance for trail building. Therefore, this tool is vital for any others.


Pulaski is one of my favorite trail building tools. You can do anything with this tool. This tool has an ax on one side and a grub hoe on the other. You can clear dirt, plants, chop of logs, and clear out rocks from your trail building with the Pulaski.

Trails Building: Pick Ax

Everyone who starts trail building, always need to have the pick Ax. It is one of the primary tools. We use it to make the trail by clearing the dirt and rocks.


Another essential tool is Macleod. It is also one of the primary tools used for trail building. You can do a lot of things with just this one tool.


Best Tools For Trail Building
Best Tools For Trail Building

The essential tool for trail buildings is the shovel. You will get nowhere if you do not use a shovel. You can quickly move dirt from one place to another. Accompany the shovel with a wheelbarrow, and the process will be swift.

Trails Building: Weed Whip

It would be best if you had the weed whip to get rid of all the pesky weed. You will find various types of weed whips in the market. It is very light and safe to use.


An ax will make the building process more straightforward. We use it to cut down a small brush and branches from the way.

Trails Building: Pruning Shears

The pruning shears are not necessary when making the trail building. But it will come handy when maintaining the track.

Star Drill

We use star drills to destroy the rocks and break them into smaller pieces.

Trails Building: Sledge Hammer

If you do choose to use the star drills, then you will also require the sledgehammer. Both combined will break any rock.

Flagging Tape

The flagging tape is the most critical tool for any trail building. After we finish this, we need the flagging tape to mark out the track.

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