Top 6 Tips For First Time Backpackers

Be prepared

Going for the first-time backpacking will have you full of excitement. Many questions will arise in your mind regarding the list of things you will need to carry while going backpacking for first time. It is very important to choose what to carry, which will be useful during your backpacking trip and make it a fun-filled and memorable.

There is many useful and important equipment you will need that will help you in your first time backpacking. Here are some useful tips and gear that are required for your backpacking trip. These will all make your first time backpacking a successful trip, giving you an overall good experience.

Carry the Necessary Equipment First

People having fun while camping

Since backpacking is an outdoor activity which combines both trekking and camping, you need to carry the necessary gear for both camping and hiking. Going for the first-time backpacking needs a right, careful selection of equipment you will need most that are essential for you to survive.

Make It Light

A good and light backpack with sufficient capacity is what you need for backpacking. This is important because you will be carrying your backpack most of the time while trekking or hiking; thus, it should be lightweight, well-padded and easy to carry.

Stay Hydrated

While you are off on your first time backpacking, you need to stay hydrated at all times. You would need clean, pure water; but remember, it won’t be possible to get pure water all the time so plan accordingly. Bringing a double filter water bottle is a great suggestion, as it will keep you hydrated all the time of clean and healthy water. The double filter water bottle makes sure to give you 99.9% pure and clean water.

Carry Cooking Equipment

Going on your first time backpacking and not having a good cooking tool would be a bad idea. A good cooking stove will help you make your meal with no problem. While camping, there are lots of innovative cooking stoves available in the market which are made especially for the campers and trekkers.

Portable Sleeping Pad is Important

You will certainly want to avoid a situation where you cannot have a good sleep, so taking a good sleeping bag is very necessary to get a good and comfortable sleep. A good sleeping bag should be lightweight and take little space in the backpack. A synthetic sleeping bag is a good choice, as it is lightweight and waterproof for wet climate conditions.

Carry a Good Quality Sleeping Mattress

If you don’t want a sleeping bag, a sleeping mattress can be one major, essential piece of your backpacking trip. A good quality air mattress is a good suggestion, as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Basic Clothing Would be Enough

Make sure you carry basic clothing on your backpacking trip. A pair of jeans and long sleeve t-shirts should be fine, as you try to restrain from increasing the weight of your backpack. The jeans and long sleeve t-shirts will help protect you from mosquitoes.

Feeling peaceful

If it is your first-time going backpacking, then it will surely be a very good and enjoyable trip if you make proper and careful arrangements before starting your journey!

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