UK Outdooring: Top 5 Places To Camp

Enjoying at the campsite

UK (United Kingdom) is a place where nature has poured all beautiful scenery. Worldwide, people want to go there at least once in a lifetime. Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Land consists of three regions: England, Scotland, and Wales. Ireland and France are its neighboring countries. The capital of the United Kingdom is London.

People of the UK love camping around. Thousands of campsites are available in the UK, it’s hard to find the best. The government of the UK has made some rules and regulations for camping areas, but the rules differ for Scotland. Many campsite owners provide their land as a camping facility, where they charge fees for the services provided.

Points to be Considered Before Camping in the UK

View of a UK campsite

If you are going to a camp in an unknown place, an important aspect you should find out about before is whether the place is a free land or someone owns it. You can go for wild camping or you can choose rental campsites.

An untold rule is that you should not leave any garbage behind and ensure to turn off the campfire before leaving the area. These days, many people provide good campsites with facilities like camp pitch, touring caravan, motor homes and all amenities like showers, sinks, camp lights, and toilets.

Some of the Best Campsites in the UK

An evening at a camp in the UK
  1. Yes Tor, Dartmoor: Besides readymade camps, one can choose the natural sites in the UK for camping. Assumingly, wild areas are known to be prettier than urban areas. Depending on the location, some campsites require permission from local authorities. Dinger Tor and Lints Tor are the best places you can walk in peace and enjoy nature’s beauty. Its southern area is more isolated.
  2. Lantic Bay, Southeast Cornwall: Has the marvel of turquoise water and pale sand beaches. With a beautiful south coast, an ideal site for camping. A hike of farmland and steep cliff paths takes you through the incredible view of rock pools and Pencarrow Head.
  3. Glenfeshie Cairngorms: You do not need any permission for camping here because it’s located in Scotland. This area’s marvelous mountain range in the Eastern Highlands is its additional beauty. Glorious waterfall and sweeping mountains will give you a wonderful experience.
  4. Bryher Campsites, Isles of Scilly: The two main attractions for a camper is first wild camping and second camping in coastal areas. This place is preferable for the second type. The best time to camp here is during summer with the view of Green Bay and two surrounding hills.
  5. Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove: Many people go here for camping, as camping facilities are provided. England’s first natural world heritage site. The main attraction is the limestone arch which was formed naturally. If you want to go on top for a beautiful view, you will have to walk on the steps.

And here you have it, camper! From a little bit about the UK itself to points to be considered before camping and last the top five UK campsites, you have all you need to know before embarking on your UK camping trip!

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