Top 5 Must-Have Camping Accessories

Fun at camp

Camping accessories are very helpful when you go backpacking or hiking in the wilderness.

There are a lot of camping accessories to choose from, but these should be chosen thoughtfully and accordingly, keeping in mind the place you are camping. Choosing the right kind of camping accessories can make your outdoor adventure as pleasant and safe as possible.

The List

1. A Filter Water Bottle

Filtered bottle

As you need more hydration than normal while hiking, trekking or camping, you need more water that is reliable and pure to drink. With this filter bottle filtration system, you can drink almost any water, as it cleans almost 99.9% of any water. Its internal filtration system cleans waterborne parasites, bacteria, and any other contaminants that impure the water. The filter’s capacity is 100 liters of water.

So, you can dip your bottle in any river or stream and drink without any fear. However, this bottle doesn’t work on seawater.

2. Camp Stove

Cooking on a stove

This wood burning and USB charging camp stove is useful in two ways: it cooks food at the camp and supplies power to charge electrical devices like phones, laptops, cameras or flashlights by converting heat energy into electricity. The heat can be generated very easily and can be regulated via a regulator. The stove chamber is where the fire is lit and the fan that is placed internally can be used to control it. This sure is a wonderful, useful camping accessory.

3. Led Lantern


During camping, as soon as the sun sets, you can illuminate an area in and around your camp with the push of a button. You can use this lantern to shine brightly, as it has eight LED panels. If it is set to its maximum setting, it can shine full day; if set to its lowest setting, it can keep on shining more than a week.

A 3-LED camping lantern with a ceiling fan is also useful when you go camping where it gets humid or warm. You get illumination overhead and can enjoy cool air, too. It runs on a set of batteries for about three nights.

4. Portable Espresso Maker

Portable espresso maker

If you are a coffee lover and don’t want to miss your cup of coffee when camping, then this is something for you. This mini press uses a semi-automatic piston so you can brew your rich coffee whenever you want. It’s hard to believe, but yes, it’s true that it does not require compressed air or electricity, just water and coffee beans.

Portable Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito spray

This is a very important camping accessory one must carry along while camping. A compact and lightweight device, it also keeps insects away by creating a 15-foot protection zone. This device is powered by a disposable mat infused with allethrin.

So, these are just some of the must-have cool camping accessories you can have while camping.       

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