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Camping in the lap of nature is something very soothing and relaxing. It allows you to convene with mother nature and rejuvenate yourself with new, positive energy. Whether you want to escape to a serene coastal area or a quiet, remote mountain campsite, there are some spectacular locations to discover around the globe that have awesome campsites.

Adventurous Campsites Around the World

A forest campsite
  1. Jasper National Park – This is situated in Alberta, province of Canada, with spectacularly large glaciers, lakes, and peaks. It’s an amazing place for an ideal campsite, as you can enjoy different activities whether alone or with family and friends. This place is one of the perfect places for hiking, as it has beautiful mountain terrains filled with scenic beauty all around. It has many more adventurous activities to offer, such as kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, skiing, and scaling a peak. For instance, if you are in a mood to relax, it has many hot springs. This park is very large in area, as it covers 10,878 square km.
  2. Lake Myvatn, Iceland – Hearing the name Iceland, you probably would think of a country where there is only ice and freezing temperature; however, Iceland has much more to offer to tourists around the world with its amazing campsites. Lake Myvatn is a natural volcanic lake situated in northern Iceland with many naturally heated lagoons that have water with an abundance of minerals. This place offers many camping sites with lots of activities like fishing, hiking, hot springs, and climbing around lava formations. You can also enjoy watching many varieties of animal and bird species. This lake is a perfect spot for a campsite.
  3. West Ladakh Camp – If you are a trekking and hiking enthusiast than one of the best places for you to camp in is West Ladakh Camp. This picturesque campsite is spread across 20 acres of land and is well situated near the Indus river. It’s surrounded by beautiful willow and apricot trees, which are home to many inhabited and migratory bird species. You can go trekking in nearby regions and bring a camera to shoot beautiful landscapes and surroundings. You can also visit some Buddhist monasteries and enjoy the authentic Ladakhi and Tibetan food to experience a wonderful culinary experience.
  4. Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht- Here is the place you can have the most wonderful experience of unique tree camping. Located in Profonten, Germany it is an adventure mountain resort that gives you a very unique, different, thrilling campsite. This place is for people who love pure adventure, as the camp is between several trees and hundreds of feet high, giving you a thrilling camping experience.
  5. Odda –This again is one of the best campsites for people who want to spend some time with nature. Located in Norway, it’s a dream place with a number of waterfalls, glaciers, and mountains covered with beautiful species of flowers. The best time to go camping here is in the summer.
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If you love adventure, plan a trip and explore these amazing campsites and more.

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