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Camping, in simple language, is to set up a camp, which is like a temporary base, such as a tent. It involves spending time in natural places. A campground is a place that provides a wide range of outdoor activities.

There are two types of campers: survivalist campers, who set off with as little as possible, and recreational vehicle travelers, who come with their own furniture, heat, and electricity. Camping can be mixed with hiking in connection with backpacking and is often with other outdoor activities such as fishing, climbing, hunting, etc.

There are two types of campgrounds. Depending on preference, people choose campgrounds accordingly. For example, people going for hiking, which may involve an overnight stay, prefer campgrounds near the road that has other facilities such as water, wood for the campfire, etc.

Nowadays, people prefer to get readymade campgrounds which have all the basic amenities available. This means an open piece of ground where one can pitch in their tent. Precisely, the campground is an area that is available for camping where the user is charged a fee, as well.

Things to be Kept in Mind While Selecting a Campground

Forest camping
  1. Road connectivity for vehicles
  2. Parking area for vehicles
  3. The facilities for toilets and showers
  4. Raised platform to set up a tent
  5. Wood for cooking and campfires
  6. Garbage cans
  7. Store availability, in case you forget bringing basic things
  8. Good Security
  9. Clean atmosphere

Famous Campgrounds in the World

Campground in New Zealand
  1. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand– Everyone knows about the natural beauty of New Zealand. The highest mountain in this country, Mount Cook, is famous for its landscapes.
  2. The Alps, France– As the highest and longest mountain range in Europe, this is definitely a moving experience.
  3. Hossa National Park, Finland– This wonderful national forest is an attraction for campers to camp and cycle with the availability of crystal-clear lakes to go fishing.
  4. Skane, Sweden– Long bright summer days pass pleasantly in Sweden’s southern area, where scenery backs the coastline.
  5. Ladakh, India – This place is a blessing of nature’s beauty. Spring is the best time to explore the beauty. Ladakh is part of Jammu and Kashmir. One should go camping during the Hemis Festival, where nature will welcome you. The road to Ladakh is also one of the most challenging but most beautiful.

Camping outside the designated campground is considered illegal by law enforcement, as it is considered to be a nuisance (harmful to the environment); however, there are countries that have low enforcement with camping on public lands. Whether a country has specific law and regulation regarding camping on public land is something you should find out.

There are plenty of campgrounds around the world that are there for the purpose of enhancing your camping experience, remarkably. Most of the campgrounds have good security around the area which is why the fee is charged. Moreover, if you want to spend your vacations at a really clean area, then a maintained forest or a wildlife park is one of the best decisions to take.

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