All About Camping In National Parks

Tent at a municipal camp site

Camping is a great way to spend your holidays or weekends outdoors with friends or family enjoying nature. There are many camping locations across the globe where you can go camping and trekking without entry fees, but there are some places, especially in Europe, where you have to pay some amount to camp and enjoy other facilities. No doubt, these are run by camping municipals with lots of facilities for the tourists with a nominal fee.

Best Municipal Camping Sites

Although there are many countries in Europe, France is one country where most of the municipal campsites are available with world class facilities of indoor and outdoor activities.

1. Oberbronn In Alsace

Municipal campsite in Oberbronn

This beautiful camping municipal site is located in a rural area, close to a regional park. This park is open on all days of the year for local and international tourists. It has facilities like pitches for tents, caravan, and motorhomes.

There are lots of other activities you can enjoy in this place like fishing, hiking, boating, trekking, and mountain biking trails. There are sports like billiard pools, tennis, swimming, and video games. The wellness center has facilities like a sauna bath, gym, jacuzzi, and spa baths. Basically, you name it, they have it!

This is one of the best places to stay if you want to experience the rich culture of Alsace and France: lots of castles, museums, and local and regional food specialties. This municipal campsite also has some of the best restaurants and bars.

Surely, this place is great to spend your weekend or holidays. It has everything for everyone, with a very nominal fee.

2. De La Plage Languedoc

Municipal campsite in De La Plage Languedoc

This camping municipal site is located in a very beautiful coastal area with direct access to the beach, well guarded by lifeguards for the safety of the visitors. This place is a wonderland for the people who want to spend their weekend or holiday camping, as it offers you around 378 pitches which are suitable for camping and motorhomes. The municipal site provides tents with modern amenities like electric hookups and lots of greenery.

As a tourist destination, it has lots of activities and games, whether indoor or outdoor, and adventure sports if you love adventure! There is a lot you can do here like swimming, speed boating, beach volleyball, horse riding, archery, and tennis. You can enjoy the gym and fitness center that includes spa baths. The timing of this campsite runs from March to October.

On a camping municipal site, you will find a laundry room with a dryer, wine cellar, bar, cafeteria, and restaurants. Clearly, municipal campsites are well maintained and offer never-ending fun-filled activities.

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