Toddler Camping Activities To Keep Your Little One Busy -

Toddler Camping Activities To Keep Your Little One Busy

toddler camping activities

It is so much fun to go camping with a toddler. You do them a world of goodness by exposing them to the nature at a very young age.  You give wings to their imagination and feed their curiosity about their surroundings. Camping activities for toddlers are plenty that will keep them away from gadgets and electronics.

A little planning beforehand will ensure that your toddler has a lot of fun at your camping adventure. Here is what we have thought for you.

Bring on the Bubbles

A close up of a tent

Toddlers love blowing bubbles. You can get a ready bubble machine or make your own one for your toddler before leaving. Let them pack their own precious stuff for camping and this will only add on the excitement.

Craft Crate

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Pack their own little craft crate with some coloring books, crayons, paints and some craft materials like glue, scissors and more. Let them try something out of their imagination at the camp site. Let them pick up different leaves and make a scrap book or let them paint a picture using leaves. Such activities keeps toddlers busy while you can do your stuff.

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt with your toddler where  you can engage them in picking up rare kinds of stones, feathers, leaves, flowers and more. This will keep them busy and entertained for long. Also, talk with your baby as you do this. Talking will help them improve their knowledge about different things and they will increase their vocabulary.

Rock Painting

If you are camping at a site that has a lot of rocks, you can indulge your kids in painting on the rocks nearby. Let them paint whatever they feel like. This will not only enhance their creative skills, but also encourage them to be busy. Let them observe things nearby and try to replicate them on the rocks. Using acrylic paints will ensure that the rocks do not get spoiled as the next rains will wash everything off.

Nature Walks

This could be the favorite part of camping with your toddler. Take them for long walks nearby and talk to them about the different things, terrains, sky and trees on the way. Develop a love for nature in  your kids right at a young age. This will encourage them to be responsible adults when they grow up.

Running Games

In the evenings, make it a point to play some field games with your toddlers. Teach them catch, hop scotch, kho, kho and such other field games. This increases their physical activity and also keeps them busy and entertained. 

Stick Castles

One day you can let them go on a hunt for various kinds and shapes of sticks. Let them bring them all to you and you can make a stick castle for them. After its done, take lots of pictures of the castle and keep it with you as your camping remembrance.

These are some cool toddler camping activities you can indulge in.

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