The Best RV Tool Kit to Have On Your Camping Trip

camping tools list

When going on a camping trip, it’s best to have a camping tools list on hand. This is one of the few items on your list that you can’t live without. It’s the one tool that makes life easier when you’re out in the wilderness. So when looking for a new set, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are the best RV tools for your RV trip.

Tire Pressure Gauge –

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This is an essential tool for any camper who plans on traveling a lot. If you’ve never done this before, then you’ll find this useful. You’ll be able to check your tire pressure and find if you need to replace it or not. You can get a gauge that will work with most vehicles or you can get one that works with all vehicles. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the tire rims to see what size and style are right for you.

H hitch Grip –

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Probably one of the more important tools on your list. The hitch is the piece of equipment that will hold your RV up. There are many different types of hangers and there are some you will want to get. Some of the best accessories include the hitch, tie down straps and a tonneau cover.

A H hitch Grip is also a great tool kit. If you have a travel trailer or even a smaller car then you need this. Not only is it important for holding up your vehicle but it is also a necessary tool for traveling. You can buy them in different sizes but the most popular type is the double-sided version. So you can use it for both in your campsite or even at home.

Hiking Fishing Outdoor –

If you enjoy hiking, camping or fishing than you will love the new 1 survival gear kit called the Anumit 16. This is a multi-tool with many uses. It has a bottle opener, can opener, scissors, corkscrew, screwdriver and corkscrew. It is made out of high quality stainless steel that is also an aloe additive. You can use the bottle opener while you are hiking or fishing. You can easily clip it onto your pocket and carry it where ever you are going.

Pliers –

A very important tool that needs to be on your list of must haves. You don’t want to be caught without the pliers that you need. You can go to any hardware store and get them but I would recommend getting a set. It is always good to have more pliers because we never know when we may need them. Plus you always have a pair of pliers at hand when you are working.

Lighter –

A lot of people will think that having a pocket knife or small pocket knife will suffice but no one has time to carry a big knife when they are on their travels. A lighter will help you to carry more tools for a longer period of time. It will also make your journey easier because you won’t have to lug around heavy knives. The small blow dryer and lighter will give you the power to do a lot of things like shave or even open cans.

Bottom Line

Camping Tool Kits are a great way to ensure that you have everything that you need on a camping trip. You never know when you are going to have to use some of these tools. There are some times that we really don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere and having a small assortment of items can make the trip much easier. These kits come in two different sizes. You can get the basic model which comes with the most basic tools or you can purchase the multi-packs that come with all of the extras you may need.

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