How To Start Backpacking

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Exploring the beauty of nature is one thing you would always like to experience. If you get the chance, you will definitely make sure that you enjoy the picturesque surrounding of mountains covered with forests, beautiful plantations, and a variety of animal and bird species.

Backpacking is a combination of trekking and camping. There are many beginners who are thinking of how to start backpacking. With proper guidelines and arrangements, you can start backpacking and make your holidays or weekends joyful.

You need to first make a checklist of the important things you will need on a backpacking trip. There are several tips that will make you ready for the trip and will answer your question, “How to start backpacking?”  

Tips to Start Packing for the Hike

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  1. First, look out for a suitable place where you would like to go backpacking. Since it is a combination of both trekking and camping, you need to remain fit. Since this is your first time trip, choose a place that does not have difficult and rough terrains. Weather conditions should be good; if not, it may spoil your health and make you have an overall bad experience.
  2. Take a good and lightweight backpack with sufficient space. A backpack with 60 liters capacity will be sufficient for the trip. Make sure it has all the necessary attachments to help you during trekking and camping.
  3. Try to carry as little as possible when going on a backpacking trip, which means packing only light clothes. Carry the most basic clothes like a pair of jeans and some t-shirts. The fewer clothes you carry, the less weight you carry. With this in mind, you will have more space to carry other essential gear.
  4. One of the most important accessories for backpacking is a tent. Choosing the right tent is very important as this will save you from getting wet if it rains and give you a place to sleep after spending the day full of activities. The tent should be chosen very carefully and should have the capacity to accommodate two people. It should be a lightweight and made of waterproof material with a door and a mesh window.
  5. A good sleeping bag is a must for backpacking, as this for your comfort during the backpacking trip. You get engaged in many activities and sports which are tiring. A good sleep would be very much therapeutic and will make you fresh and ready for another day full of adventure. The sleeping bag should be light in weight and a roll-up one, which takes less space in your backpack. Synthetic bags are useful in wet weather conditions.
  6. You will be needing good utensils for cooking while going backpacking. A good cooking stove becomes handy when it comes to cooking. There are many types of stoves available in the market. They are very innovative and they even come with some very useful features. So clearly, picking the right one is important.
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There are many useful tips that will answer your query of how to start backpacking.        

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