The 5 Best Hotspots for Camping in the United States

Camping is a recreational outdoor activity that involves staying overnight in the wilderness of nature far away from home. It helps to unwind from the hectic routine in the cities and relax in the calmness of nature. 

It has now become popular among all the classes of people which was earlier chosen only by the elites. The overnight stay is what differentiates it from similar activities like hiking or a picnic.

The stay is usually in a tent that gives the real essence of being blended with nature while you can also choose safer options like a camper van or specialized vehicles for serving this purpose.

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire

This is located in the remote Northeast and the terrain is quite rustic and rugged. Be prepared to witness this colourful wonder in fall when the leaves of the trees turn into a myriad of hues from red,orange and yellow.

There are more than a hundred campsites here that are open throughout the year with specific visit hours. It is free for most of the sites while a few charge as low as $5 for a daily pass.

Shenandoah National Park in the Mid Atlantic, Virginia

A man standing in front of a mountain

This stunning campsite is close to D.C as it is only 75 miles away. The hikers who take the popular hiking routes to the Old Rag Mountain are rewarded with beautiful views from the peak. The campsite has a magnificent waterfall and forest area that is sure to make you  fall in love with this place.

There is reservation available on a first come first served basis. Though the campgrounds are free to camp, it costs about $30 for a single vehicle in the entrance of the Park that holds validity for seven days.

Denali National Park in Alaska

A close up of a green hill

Denali or Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America and this is the main attraction to all the mountaineers. Who wouldn’t want to witness the magnificence of six million acres of beauty and amazing wildlife.

There are varying levels of hiking trails from easy, moderate and difficult. Be sure to choose the level of hiking only if you have the confidence to proceed.

The entrance fee costs around $15 per person with a 7 day validity. The camping is free in its campgrounds which are more than 250 in number. Some campgrounds are accessible by cars while some by bus service only.

Sequoia National Park in California

A tree in a forest

The giant majestic sequoia trees make us feel there are greater things in nature than humans and their life. Go hiking in this park and camp in the calmness of this wonder forest to break free of any thoughts that are smaller than the giant sequoia.

The Park is accessible all through the year. The entrance fee is $30 if you arrive by car and it is $20 if you choose to come by foot or bicycle. The campgrounds have reservations and you need to book early to get a spot.

Olympic National Park, Washington

A person standing on a beach

This camping area has different types of ecosystems – mountains, beaches, glacier and rainforests.The rainforests boasts of the largest Sitka spruce trees in the world and the hike trail ends in the Ruby beach.

The backcountry camping is allowed at $5 and wildlife camping is at $15 to $20 per individual.The entrance costs $30 per vehicle. This park is open mostly throughout the year.


The number of tiring miles in the hike and the perils of camping overnight, all comes down to nothing when you experience the breathtaking beauty of nature, the calmness of the place and when you gaze into millions of stars in the night sky. You will realize it was worth all the efforts at the end.

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