Camping Kitchen: To Setup

Smoldering campfire at night with red coals

Camping is not only about enjoying scenic beauty, trekking, or sports; it is also about the food at your campsite. Cooking is often an enjoyable activity, where you can try recipes in different ways than the ones at home.

A camping kitchen is, however, one of the most important parts of outdoor camping. With limited kitchen accessories, it allows you to cook your food yourself.

To start, you need to first prepare a checklist of the things important for your camping kitchen. For instance, have a source of fire or energy, basic utensils, and ingredients for cooking.

Ideas to Set Up a Successful Camping Kitchen

A camp kitchen pot
  • You can bring a medium to large lightweight pot, a small to medium pan, a portable grater, some aluminum foil, and last but not the least tongs and spatulas for pulling out food from the fire.
  • For the fire, you can take some matchboxes or lighters with you; but, nowadays, innovative gadgets are available in the market. These items come in handy for camping kitchens and provide you with an excellent source of fire and electric energy. For example, there’s a portable, wood burning camp stove and a USB charging stove that acts as a stove and can charge your laptop, camera, or mobile by converting heat energy into electricity.
  • There are a number of cooking methods you can use when camping outdoors. Some methods are easy, while some are not; you should use the easy way so that you can enjoy your food easily and quickly.
  • The first method is like the old school way, where you can wrap your food items in aluminum foil individually and put them in the fire to cook. However, this becomes a little difficult and messy, as we need to constantly check the food to make sure it’s cooked properly.
  • The other method, which is usually used in the camping kitchen, is by using pans and pots over a camp stove to cook your favorite stews, pasta, and soups.
  • Camping stoves make cooking easy while camping. You can make and enjoy a variety of foods outdoors, like barbeque.

These combinations of camping kitchens will help you prepare your food with ease, whether it’s your favorite omelets, beans, or pasta.

A good camp kitchen`

In a camping kitchen, using a Dutch oven is becoming common these days. This a camping version of the crock pot. It’s for making stews, broths, and many more delicious camping recipes. Another must-have in a camping kitchen is tin foil packets, as they’re very handy when having to cook food that requires high heat. Just put the food inside the packet, put it in the fire, and you will have a wonderful meal.

A camping kitchen can be made more and more easy by using some of these equipment and tips.

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