RV Camping Tips For Beginners

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If you own or are planning to rent an RV for camping, then you will need some rv camping tips for beginners to ensure that you have an enjoyable trip. For those who have just purchased their new recreational vehicle and cannot wait to go on an rv camping ride, then these rv  camping tips for beginners will be most useful.

RV Test Drive

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An RV can feel very different while driving when compared to a regular vehicle. Before you set out for your rv camping ride, it is better to take an RV test drive to set your hands behind the wheel. It is a huge vehicle and you need to be comfortable while driving it. Also, if you are driving with kids, you need to educate them about the safety of this huge vehicle. Also, have a rough assumption of your map so that you can figure out underpasses, bridges and such other dangerous crossings. Ensure that your van is stuffed with items like refrigerator bars, cupboards, toothbrush holders, fridge braces and such other tools to avoid your items from falling or spilling.

Carry Tools and Spare Parts

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It is always recommended to carry some extra tools and spare parts in case there is a problem with the tire or engine. While you are camping away in the wildness and away from car mechanics, you will need some basic tools for emergency repair. Carry T-handle style lug wrenches, heave gauge jumper cables, and digital tire gauges too.

RV Packing Tips for Beginners

RVs come in various sizes. If you have a cute little teardrop trailer or a diesel pusher motorhome, you need to be mindful of the things  you are packing. You need to keep in mind to resist the temptation to buy every RV accessory available. Only pack items that helps you keep things organized in small spaces. This will avoid problems with organization and getting too stuffy. You can always add more accessories once you are a pro with your RV. The basic tools include adjustable kitchen drawers with dividers, over door organizers, and under bed organizers.

Do not Pack Water

Try traveling without water in your RV. Water is quite heavy and you need to avoid it as much as possible. It is better to pack water wye valves, water pressure regulators and water filters that you can use on the spot to drink water wherever available. 

Make a Checklist

It is always better to make a checklist before you start with your RV camping trip. Make a checklist of all the things you might need on your trip. Items such as fishing equipment, food, medicines, clothes, etc. Go by your list so that you do not miss out on anything.

Plan the camping destination

When you decide on your rv camping trip, you need to finalise your destination. Once decided, get a map of that place and also a route map from home to that place, so that  you get a rough idea of what you can find on the way and what you need to buy. Food joints, eateries, take away or bars. You should know of everything that is in your close vicinity. 

These are some of the basic RV camping tips for beginners. If you have recently purchased a new RV and plan to go on a camping trip with your family, the most important tip is to be sure of your route. You also need to feel comfortable behind the wheel of the huge vehicle.

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