Preschool Pretend Camping Activities

A person standing on top of a grass covered field

In 2019, nearly 100 million Americans will enjoy a family vacation, with two-thirds of them going this summer. Whether you’re camping with your family or taking along a nanny or summer sitter, these 17 camping games and activities will keep youngsters occupied for hours.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

A group of people standing on top of a grass covered field

Plan a scavenger hunt, like Love the Outdoors suggests. Encourage your child’s natural need to explore. This is a classic camping game that may be enjoyed by children of all ages. Make the instructions age-appropriate by tweaking them. Play only in the campsite area to avoid disturbing the natural environment.

2. Glowing Ring Toss

A group of people standing around a fire

Glow sticks are extremely popular among children. Feels Like Home describes how to make a luminous ring throw game for nighttime fun using one huge glow stick and some smaller bracelet-sized glow sticks. 

3. Camping Olympics

Set up Camping Olympics, as advised by Camping-Field-Guide, if you have a lot of kids. Many outdoor events, such as tug-of-war or a potato sack race, can be included in your Olympics. Making your own events has the advantage of allowing you to adjust the plan to your campers’ ages and desired level of competitiveness (or lack thereof). Plan ahead of time to ensure you have all of the necessary ingredients as well as any camp-themed prizes, such as a s’mores kit.

4. Camping Bingo

Each player ticks out their camping bingo square when they find an item using printed bingo cards and scavenger hunt skills. For further information, go to Ranger Rick’s website and the National Wildlife Federation’s website. Teach kids the ideas of “Leave No Trace” by merely checking off the things and not removing them from the environment. With parental supervision, younger children can also play.

5. Park Ranger

Teach the kids to play Park Ranger, which is more than just a simple game of tag. The Ultimate Camp Resource website has instructions. It’s a game similar to freeze tag. It promotes children’s listening skills with animals, trees, and limits.

6. S’mores The Card Game

Camping on a rainy day? Bring the Education Outdoors S’mores the Card Game, a fun and fast-paced game for kids. You may also play memory with the deck by matching the graphics on the cards.

7. Elves, Giants, and Wizards

This game, created by Wilderness Aware Rafting, is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, except it also includes a tag game. Elves, giants, and wizards are among the characters allotted to the players. They aim to recruit new members to their team while avoiding being tagged.


Make this camping game to take with you on your next adventure. A tarp with holes worth different point values, a rope, and a ball are required for the tarp game posted at the Red Headed Hostess. For camping fun, this game is simple to prepare, put up, and play.

You’re ready for your camping trip with the kids now that you’ve played these activities! To make your camping trip even more enjoyable, read our 10 summer travel recommendations, or hire a summer babysitter to help you make the most of the season.

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