Lake Cachuma Camping and Fishing Resort Has Everything Your Family Will Love to Know

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Nature lovers and camping aficionados, know that Lake Cachuma campground is one of the best campgrounds in central California. At Lake Cachuma campground, if you could just park it, then you could camp there. Lake Cachuma does not discriminate and every type of campground there is just as special as the individuals who will be calling the place home for the night. This particular campground is unique and offers families and couples a chance to experience a camping experience they will never forget.

Lake Cachuma Facts

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There are over nine campsites at the Lake Cachuma Camping Resort. Each one offers something different, and each offers families and campers a chance to find their particular style of vacation. At camp, you will find two full service campsites, a half service campsite and a picnic table. The lake has full access throughout the year and all the services, amenities and activities are available.

The facilities at the Lake Cachuma Camping Resort include two full service campsites, and two half service campsite. There is a playground for kids, fire rings for hikers, boating and fishing facilities, boating and fishing guides, swimming and sunning pools, tennis courts, and volleyball equipment. If you decide to stay at the Lake Cachuma campground, you will also find a playground, fire pit, swimming area, and an accessible hiking trail. Many visitors come here to hike along the scenic trails around the lake.

The first two nights at Lake Cachuma Camping Resort are at extremely reduced prices. The full service campground includes your breakfast, dinner, and morning snack. The full service facility also includes showers and bathrooms, but there are no bathrooms at the campsites. Even though there are two full sites, it is still very small. One of the campsites at Lake Cachuma Camping Resort even has a small grocery store within walking distance.

The second night at the Lake Cachuma Camping Resort is a discounted rate. This gives families and individuals more flexibility about their vacation. At night, the campground offers music, dance, fire, and gaming. You can get a map from the campground office and then go out on the lake and play boar shooting, frisbee golf, tennis, or any other outdoor game they offer.

On the third night at the campgrounds, you will enjoy a welcome party. There will be snacks, bread, fruits, and beverages for sale. You can also take highway 101 south to the Lake Cachuma Lodge and then take the highway 101 north towards the town of Estero. It is located right next to the Lake Cachuma Camping and Fishing Resort and the beautiful Lake Calua Cutoff. You will find many restaurants, ATM’s, gas stations, and rest areas along the highway.

The fourth night at the Lake Cachuma Camping and Fishing Resort is a special treat. During the night, you and your family will have the opportunity to experience the true magnificence of nature that is found at this unique campground. After your dinner, the campground will offer you the opportunity to boar brush drive to the edge of the lake and hike the shoreline. In addition, you will be allowed to fish at the Lake Cachuma Marina which includes over forty campsites and is two miles from the campground. If you stay at one of the Lake Cachuma Camping and Fishing Resort sites, then you will find that the cost of food and meals at the Lake Cachuma Camping and Fishing Resort is very reasonable.

End Note

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One of the most unique features at the Lake Cachuma Camping and Fishing Resort is the use of the traditional camping fire. It has been replaced by an electric grill that allows you to roast, cook, and eat your food in safety and convenience. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoors, nature, and the hospitality of this campground while still being in close proximity to all of the comforts of home.

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