How To Enjoy A Rejuvenating Hike

Hiking is fun

In this busy and chaotic world, it is very hard to find peace and tranquillity. You may find it hard to stop the regular thoughts that keep coming in mind. Getting into nature through a hike helps locate some silence and peace for your body and soul.

Hiking is One of the Best Activities to Calm Your Mind

Hiking is the best activity to enjoy the benefits mother nature has to offer. It rejuvenates and energizes your body and sweeps out the frustrations from your mind. While hiking, the birds we see makes us happy, the fresh, nonpolluted air electrifies us more than a cup of coffee, and the deep blue sky gives us inspirational thoughts.

Top 4 Places for the Best Hike

Forest hike

1. Tiger Hills

This is a very well-known, beautiful place for hiking in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located in the most picturesque hill station of Darjeeling, where many tourists and locals come for hiking to enjoy the beauty of nature. Tiger Hill is a place for people with little experience of hiking. The serene, mesmerizing nature of this spot makes hiking more enjoyable and not tiring. You will come across many tea plantations, as well as enjoy seeing the peaks of Himalayas and Kanchenjunga.

2. Nangalpuram

This lively and most sought destination is located in Chittoor, the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the busiest hiking spot and is for hikers that have much experience in hiking who can handle any hard terrain. This spot has many scenic and beautiful terrains you can enjoy while trekking. Many of the spots here have even been in movies. This hilly trek is between Nagalapuram and Tada. While hiking, you will come across many streams, waterfalls, flora, and fauna.

3. Doon Valley Trek

If you like hiking through flower meadows, thick forests, and snow-covered peaks to see backdrops, then this the best place for the hiking lovers. The best time for hiking here is between March to October, when you will enjoy various types of flower species, lush green forests, and fruits. This trek is easier compared to the other Himalayan treks.

4. Kurseong

This amazing trek is located near Darjeeling Hill Station of West Bengal and is considered to be the best hiking place. This is best for people who are trying hiking for the first time, as this trek takes one day to hike. There are many coffee and tea plantations you will come across on the way, which will mesmerize you and compel you for some photo sessions.

The awesome experience of hiking

Many scientific studies have proved that hiking has a beneficial effect on our mind, as it releases a chemical called endorphin, which energizes the spirit and we very well feel alive and energetic.

So, get yourself a recharging hiking experience.

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