Fun Kids Camping Activities

kids camping activities

There are so many fun things to do with kids camping activities that it is hard to pick just a few. From treasure hunts to water activities, to arts and crafts and more. The options are endless!

List Of Kids Camping Activities

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Kids Activity Books

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Kids activity books have been around for years and they are great for kids of all ages. A simple activity book can be a great project for parents to do with their kids as a surprise birthday party or birthday surprise. Kids love to read and there is no better way to get them involved in reading than with an activity book. They love to see the fun pictures in the activity book as well. These kids’ activity books can be purchased new or used, and they are a great way to help the child learn about various aspects of the world around them while having fun.

Activity books are fun, but they don’t get much use because the kids seldom put it to use. Parents need to get out and purchase new activity books for their kids. Use the same ideas that you would for storybooks, but make them a little different. Instead of just sitting down and reading, flip through the pictures and jot down the words that you see.

Making Sand Castles

Another of the many fun kids camping activities involves making sand castles. All you need is some sand, a mold, some paint and kids all able to climb. It’s easy to make these castles and the kids will have a blast climbing all over the tiny black shapes. This is also a wonderful activity for toddlers and babies to master as well. They love to see the cute little blocks on the top of their new castle that they can climb on.

When kids go camping, they want to explore everything in their surroundings, so think carefully about what kind of things you expose them to when they’re outdoors. For this, you’ll need to plan ahead and pack the right things. There are several activities that you can include in your trip that won’t break the bank. Remember, though, to always supervise any campfire-related activities. Always keep a first aid kit in your car, and have water with you in case some accidents happen to the kids.

Build Own Fire With Parents

Another of the many fun kids camping activities that parents can participate in is to build their own fire. If you’re good at DIY projects, why not let your kids take over and make their own camping fire? First, you just have to pick up a camping activity book at the store that teaches kids how to build a fire. They’ll have plenty of recipes and ideas in the activity book to keep them busy and excited.

If you want to involve your kids more in the process, make them help you build the fire. This can be a really fun activity for you as well as for your kids. Make it even more fun by making it a competition, and awarding each kid that builds the most fire. Make sure to let your kids know that all campfires must be kept clean and all wood must be used fresh.


After building the fire, you and your kids can enjoy a nice meal outdoors on the campfire. Cooking meals while you’re camping is a very convenient activity that you and your kids will enjoy. You and your kids don’t have to cook inside the tent; you can simply cook food outside under the stars in your camping fire. Some of your camping activities can also serve as an opportunity for you to bond with your kids. Let them watch you cook; this will surely make them want to learn how to cook on their own someday. After eating their favorite meal, you can even spend some time doing crafts together.

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