Fun And Relaxing Camping Activities For Youth

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The summer is here and now is the perfect time to get your kids involved in a number of great camping activities for youth. Whether they are a first time camper or an avid camp veteran their camping activities should be fun, educational and challenging. Here is a brief guide on camping activities for youth. These activities are great fun for the whole family, so plan wisely and make the most of your summer vacation.

Camping Activities For Youth – Keep it Simple:

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A lot of the same activities you could do in your own backyard can also apply when camping with younger kids. Sidewalk chalkboards are a great place to put together some fun activities. You can draw, paint or write on the chalkboard as well as color in your letters. This is a fairly easy concept to get started with but is certain to keep your kids interested for many hours.

Camping Activities For Youth – Hiking or Glamping? 

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If your kid loves hiking or camping then a camping or hiking trip is certainly a possibility. Camping ground reservations can be found all over and often provide discount camping and hiking tents. A good idea to consider if you are young and love hiking is glamping.

A camping or hiking trip with friends is always a fun activity but there is one thing that often needs to be said. Camping is for adults only. Yes, little kids are allowed in some campsites but no matter where you camp, sleeping under the stars in the dark with the sounds of nature in your ears is a truly special experience. If your son or daughter loves the sound of a campfire then a camping or hiking trip is definitely a fun thing to plan. This can provide you and your family a chance to go hiking or even camping during the colder months of the year.

Camping Activities For Youth – Card Games:

There are numerous card games you could plan for your youth group. Great way to get the kids out of bed on a chilly night is to set out some cards and have them create their own fun kid camping ideas. You could base the camping games around things like color or they could all be based around a particular cartoon character. You may decide to go with an idea that has already been made by a club at your child’s school. There are numerous card games to choose from but a few suggestions would be: Freeze Tag, Uno, and the popular game, “Uno.” If you and your youngster both love playing cards then this is also a great way to pass the time until another activity can be planned.

Another great way to spend time with your young kid while camping activities for youth involves camping in a campsite. Many campsites have cabins that you and your kids can sleep in and use the kitchen at night for cooking. If your kid is a campfire aficionado this is definitely the activity for him or her. You can even take them with you to the cabin so they can play the games they enjoy at home, such as Uno.

Camping Activities For Youth – Sports:

Many kids love to play sports and one of the best camping activities for youth you will find is the ability to play in a park or on a sports team. There are many summer camps for kids that focus on a particular sport. The boys and girls will love being able to play their sport and be in a group. Most camps will even have the equipment needed for the sport. This makes it easy to keep track of your kid’s progress and allow them to work at their own pace. As an alternative to joining a sports team there are also many campsite activities for youth that will provide sports equipment and activities to use while camping, such as fishing, hiking, and climbing.

Final Thoughts

Hiking One of the best things about camping trips is that you can go hiking around as part of your group, but if you don’t have time to pack your own tent and all of the necessary hiking gear you can hire gear to bring along. If you plan on doing a lot of hiking you should check into one of the many outdoor clubs that will help get you started in your new hobby. It is important to check out the local chapter first though so that you know the rules and regulations before you join up. Another great thing about hiking is that you can usually stay longer if you would like, because you are not limited by your camping trip’s guidelines.

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