Exciting New Game: Curious George

curious george goes camping activities

It looks like George will go on vacation, but instead, he stays in his backyard. When he isn’t playing, George stands on the grass and watches the birds and other animals take a rest or a drink at the water trough. He explores trees, plays in the rain, and watches the stars. When the sun sets, George goes inside to sleep. What a great way to spend your lazy summer nights!

Curious George is a wooden building with many levels that allows you to move the pieces closer together. This keeps your children’s attention as they play and helps them develop problem solving skills while having fun. This makes learning fun for all ages. In addition, it helps your child to warm up to new environments and perhaps see the world differently. It gives them an idea of how things work around them.

Curious George is made from durable cedar wood that withstands both wet and dry weather conditions. Because it is made of cedar, your child is less likely to be discouraged from it and more likely to enjoy playing with it. Another great thing about this product is that it is machine washable if your child accidentally gets it dirty. The smooth texture also allows it to glide gently on your child’s toys.

Curious George stand on three small wheels that easily balance him on the ground. Your child can play with him in the grass, on the beach, or even in the mud. The only rule is to set the base on gravel or dry ground. This will keep the rubber mat from getting too sticky. Then, your child can play with the Curious George toy anywhere as long as there are flat surfaces to play on. It can be easily moved from room to room as well.

Each time your child plays with Curious George, he will get to see the different levels he has built. As he gets closer to completing the first one, his scores will go up. To unlock more levels, he has to build them one at a time. Each time he builds a wooden building, his score will go up too. That’s how the game is played – build, play, and then score against the clock.

The base of each wooden building is solid. That means that your kid can be sure that it will not be tipped over. However, it does mean that your kid can build on the ground and possibly hurt himself. It is definitely a good idea to supervise your son as he builds the game board. He may need to use some tools to do it. But, he will have a lot of fun doing it.

Each time your child takes a shot at the wooden building, he will unlock more levels. You and your son can play together to unlock a new building. The current eight buildings include the house, Zoo, Library, Park, Amusement Park, Ice cream factory, and Cabin. There are also several levels in between, such as the tunnel, fort and playground.

Final Words

A group of people riding skis on top of a snow covered slope

This game is fairly easy to pick up. Your son can spend several hours playing this exciting new version of Curious George. He will have lots of fun developing all of the different strategies for shooting hoops. He will master the new concepts of making the house into an attraction and making the zoo more exciting. He will have lots of fun exploring the different levels that this new wooden building offers him.

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