Easy Activities For Toddlers That You Can Do In Camping

camping activities for toddlers

The kids are back at home for the holidays and now have some much needed free time, so maybe you want to spend a nice day, perhaps two or more at a camping spot as a group and you plan to have absolute fun but you’re at a crossroads with what to do when at the camping spot, more importantly, how much fun you want to have while at the camping spot, more important, you want ideas on camping activities for toddlers so that both kids and adults know it’s best to stay active, even if not necessarily they figure out ways to get really active. Well, let me tell you there is more than one way to have fun at the camping spot. Let’s say you and your spouse either have a toddler or a baby that is still a little bit in learning about being in the outdoors, let’s say your kid is up past his xvvcbbedtime, but he still hasn’t started asking questions about the day and the happenings around camp, well that’s just too bad because now it’s too late for you. What do you do?

If you think that by using paper bags will give your toddler and baby the chance to see what is going on they are absolutely correct, however, this alone won’t help them to learn about being in the outdoors. I know you may be thinking that it doesn’t matter because your child is only up to age three but now you want to take him/her with you camping activities for toddlers. That means either you purchase a camping tent for your toddler that has a built in hole punch or you purchase a paper bag kite. Believe me, you don’t want to introduce these things to your baby before he or she is old enough to understand.

Paper bag kites are not only for camping trips, they are also great for backyard BBQs and potlucks. These kites come in many different sizes and patterns and are made out of many different materials. Some of the most popular ones are made out of wood and look really nice. It’s easy to find them at any Koa Campgrounds throughout Kauai. The best thing you can do is to take some time to look through the different stores that have them in their inventory and see what their prices are. This way you can make sure you pick the right one to fit your budget.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get back to our topic. A camping tent for babies or toddlers is just a tent, right? Well, maybe not, there are so many other accessories you can buy along with them. Some of the most common accessories include ladders, flashlights, extra pillows and ottomans. Most of the time these ladders are sold separately but there are some companies that sell them as part of a complete camping package. You’ll find those at Lowes or Home Depot.

Bottom Line

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Paper dolls can also be a good idea for your kids’ camping excursions. You can purchase different types of contact paper and make them into different characters. For example, you can make sure the “Tiny Frog” doll is a tiny green frog with a round head. Your little one can pretend to eat the frog or drink from its mouth, and then run to the other end of the tent to dress up as another character. Camping with the kids may seem like an ordinary activity, but once they have a theme, it’s much easier to plan their next excursion.

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