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camping themed activities classroom

When planning for your kid’s camping trip this summer, you may want to include some themed camping activities as a surprise. You don’t want them to be bored on their trip, so take the time to plan something fun. Camping is all about fun and games, right? The more fun, the better when it comes to kids. So what can you do to liven up the classroom activity?

One activity that is fun for both kids and teachers alike is to keep the children entertained with a variety of games. Let them choose their own adventure and have a ball doing it. Games provide both students and teachers with an enjoyable way to interact with each other. It also provides them with the opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

Camping Themed Activities Classroom

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Take, for example, the Backgammon game. It is a classic game that can provide a good challenge for students. Students should learn how to play it well so they can play it later on in class. The rules are simple. All you need is a board, three dice and a set of playing pieces.

Another game you can play is called Rock and Roll. There are many ways you can incorporate it into the class curriculum. Have the kids create a rock band with the pieces they are using. They will then roll their rock pieces onto the board. This will create a great activity for all ages, as it will help them with hand/eye coordination skills.

Another great game that you can have your kids participate in is called Parrots. It is similar to the previously mentioned game except that here, two birds are made from paper. Then you will cover the paper with feathers. As the game is being played, the kids will try to grab as many feathers as they can. It is that easy and yet very engaging for all ages.

If you do not have enough outdoor time in your home to run these games, there is always the option of watching television or playing video games. Camping has become quite popular over the years, and there are many television shows where families go camping. Some of these show even air during school hours. Having the kids watch a movie at school and doing some campfire type activities is a lot of fun for all involved.

Way To Keep Kids Busy

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Another way to keep the kids busy is to do puzzles together. You can use pencils, markers or crayons. It is fun because they get to show off what they have done, and the teacher gets to see the work they put in. Another great activity is to have them make a craft together. It can be something simple like making birdhouses or more complex like making model cars or boats.

Using these different types of activities can be a lot of fun for the classroom. The key is to keep it fairly quiet and to keep it fun. Many of these activities will take a few days to complete. Once you start to see the kids having fun, then you will know that this will be a regular activity and will be a great way to stay in shape and to teach the kids essential lessons.

Important Consideration

It is important to find a balance between activity and time for the class. Too much of one will only distract the teacher and not allow any real learning to take place. But on the other hand, if there are too many activities going on, then the class can feel static. Make sure that the activity does not dominate the class and that there are times when the other activities are more relaxed and comfortable. This is not a bad thing either.

Once the class has had their fun, they should be asked to write about what they did and what they liked best. This helps them to remember what they did well and to reinforce what they did not do well. If the class can put together an activity for every subject, then this will help them remember what they learned. And that is what a good teacher wants. A good teacher wants his or her students to pick up what they learned and do it well.

Bottom Line

So the next time a classroom is going to have a camping themed activity, consider having your class do some. It should not be all done at once. Have several of them going at once so that the memory of the activity is not lost. It also gives them a chance to socialize with each other and really get to know each other. Then they will remember how much fun they had and be able to enjoy the class even more.

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