Choosing The Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Choosing The Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing shoes are essential gear for all the mountaineers. All the people who like to go out for some adventurous sport or those who are passionate about conquering the peaks need these shoes. The shoe provides the direct interface between the mountaineer and the rock. The main aim behind wearing the boot is to conquer the mountain, but a wrong pair can break the dream. While selecting the shoes, mountaineers must, however, stay cautious and choose the best pair for themselves. There are; however various types of climbing shoes, and a climber must select it depending upon is climbing style. There are also a few features that they must keep into consideration, such as the laces, linings, straps, and rubber.

Choosing The Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Some Of The Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Neutral shoes- a climber can wear this shoe for the whole day as it offers relax-fit. The pump is very comfortable therefore suitable for whole-day wear. It keeps the toes flat on the sole and thus causes no toe pain. The shoes are best for beginners, but experienced climbers can also wear them.

Moderate Shoes- this type of shoes has a slightly downward design near the toes. This is an all-purpose shoe and, therefore, perfect for slab routes and crack climbing. The unique top-down design keeps the climber into a more powerful position. Is also helps the climbers to climb more challenging peaks.

Aggressive shoes- unlike moderate shoe, this shoe has a much steeper downward toes design. The pump is, therefore, perfect for challenging overhanging climbs.

Features Of The Climbing Shoes

Lace-up- laces are an essential part of the shoes. When a climber feels tired or wants to relax the feet for some time, he can loosen up the laces. On steep paths, he can tie the shoelace firmly and proceed.

Strap- the straps provide superior on and off convenience. They are perfect for gym climbing and also bouldering.

Slip-on- such shoes have an elastic closure and, therefore, not suitable for challenging climbs.

Some General Fitting Rules

Based on fitting rules, a climber can easily select shoes.

On must avoid shoes that have some space between the toes and the shoe border. Such fit shoes shall not stay rigid and result in some unnecessary movement of the feet.

Climbers must make sure that their feet are comfortably flat or curved and not bunched painfully at a place.

The shoe must also not touch the climbers Achilles tendon. This part of the body is sensitive, and a wound can quickly form if the shoes hit at this part.

Choosing The Best Rock Climbing Shoes


Selecting the best climbing shoes is a task for the climbers. Some tips can, however, help them to choose the best from the rest. There are moreover some more features and suggestions based on which a climber can select the shoes. A climber must, therefore, read the guide before heading towards the market to buy one.

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