Camping With Your Teenagers – Get Creative With Some Campfire Activities

teenage camping activities

Camping with teenage boys can be either super fun or feel like you’re pulling your hair every time you attempt to get them to actually do anything. But, here are 27 camp activities and camp game ideas to make your teen years a lot more fun. Something to remember when planning these fun outdoor activities is that all teens enjoy using their cell phones. Here’s a few cool things to do with your cell phone that will definitely make your teenage camping experience memorable.

The first cool teenage camping activities are a great way to bring everyone together. Most campsites have bathrooms so the best way to take advantage of this is to pack a tent and a shower and then get ready to go camping. Once you reach your destination, take the boys out for pizza and chips and don’t forget the cameras. You never know who will come out of the woods to play hide and seek with you.

Hiking And Biking

Another one of the top teenage camping activities is hiking and biking. This is a great way to exercise while also enjoying nature at the same time. Not all campers love hiking or even biking so if your teenager doesn’t enjoy these activities, you can always have other activities available. There are many camp games and activities available that can incorporate these two activities into the mix.

One of the most popular activities that teenagers love to do while on a camping trip is pitching a tent. If you don’t want to spend the money on buying a tent, then why not make one yourself? It’s really easy to make a campfire tent with just a few materials and some supplies from your local hardware store. One person can easily pitch the tent so that you won’t waste any money buying tents for your teenage camping activities.

Other popular activities that you can do with your teenage camping activities are obstacle courses and fun camping games. An obstacle course is one of the best ways to exercise without having to buy any equipment. All you need is some cardboard boxes and some rope. You can get a large flat surface and form them into whatever obstacle you want. You can use pencils, sticks, cork boards or anything else that you have around the house.

Treasure Hunt –

A sunset over a tent

Another fun camping activity that you can do with your teenagers is a treasure hunt. Make it a scavenger hunt by having each member of the group write down things they find when they are looking for the item. You can use different items for the treasure hunt. For example, you can give each person one item and let them go looking for the item with another person and a flashlight. Write down the coordinates on the box for each person. That way, it is easy to find the items when the scavenger hunt is over.

Tips To Enjoy Camping

Something else that you can do with your teenage group is to build something together. There are many things that you can do with campfire building. You can make simple structures or even make a cabin out of the pieces of charcoal that you have gathered. Make sure that you let your teenager’s help you get creative with their designs. They might be able to contribute something that they did not think of in the beginning.


One of the best parts about camping with your teenager is being outdoors and spending time with nature. You can increase the fun by making the camping games more exciting. You can add some adult supervision if you want to make the entire experience a little bit more adult oriented. If you think that you cannot handle supervising your children while they are camping, then you should consider getting a campground that is out of the way and away from other people.

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