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Whenever you go for a camping trip, all you want to think about is spending a day peacefully without any worries of the outer world.

You make a list of essential things for camping but often forget the most basic thing like a camping shower. Yes, a camping shower is very essential, as you need to use it after day-long activities to cleanse up. Having a portable shower is an immediate requirement.

Importance of a Camping Shower

Camping shower being used

Everybody needs a shower in the morning and after a day-long activity that involves working with dust and dirt. Camping shower fulfills your need to stay clean.

With the use of the shower, one can clean up all the dust and dirt with no problem. Many campsites offer showers connected to a tank with a portable water heater. When you camp around hilly or mountainous areas, you’d want to have your own portable shower. Having this makes your trip carry along because in most areas, you cannot get running water.

Camping Showers Themselves

Showering is important when camping

Camping showers are of two kinds: a bucket/container or a shower head. If you have the shower head kind, you need to buy a water container.

The size of a camping shower makes a huge difference; the bigger the size, the more difficult it is to carry. Hence, it is always useful to select a portable camping shower that makes it easy to carry during camping.

Types of Camping Showers

  1. Solar shower- This is an insulated bag that uses solar energy to heat the water inside. Once the water heats, the person can take a shower using the tube and nozzle attached with the bag. There are different varieties of solar showers available depending on volume, pressure, etc. Basically, solar showers consist of two parts: a showerhead and a container to hold water. After filing the bag with water, it is hung in a place where sunlight is available.
  2. Outdoor battery-operated shower- This provides water when needed, such as for showering, cleaning the camp, and cleaning the utensils. It works with any water storage container. Using the pump at the bottom, it pulls water from any bucket, tank or sink for shower flow. There are many types of models available in the market suitable with different kinds of batteries. Basically, a battery-operated shower needs to have a hose and a pump attached to a showerhead that pulls the water from a container. It is important to keep changing the batteries regularly or to use a generator.
  3. Propane powered shower- This consists of a burner and coil that heats the water in minutes. The speed by which the water is heated using propane is in accordance with the measurement used for propane stoves. In other words, the higher the BTU for the shower, the quicker the water heats.

Without a doubt, a camping shower is an absolute must. Going camping is all fun and games, until you get so dirty that you need to clean yourself immediately.

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