Camping Essentials – What You Need For a Good Camping Trip

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When I was younger, there was no such thing as camping essentials. There were only the basics like your tent and sleeping bag and you had to build your tent the way you built your house. Not too many people had GPS so the only way to find out where you were was to ask someone. In fact, the only true way to really enjoy a camping trip was to be able to follow a detailed route that you had put down on paper or a map and get lost.

The Camping and Checklist

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But times have changed and now I must say that I’m an absolute campo-queer. I like to go camping and hike in all different types of weather. The only essentials that I have are a tent and a camping checklist. I would be surprised if you even made it to the campsite on your first camping trip without one.

The same camping essentials list that you are using now is for you to use for your first camping trip. This camping essentials checklist is for both novice and experienced campers to ensure that they have everything they will need on their first trip. This camping checklist is not just for new campers either, even experienced campers can use a well-laid checklist to double-check their camping essentials ahead of time. My mom has been camping since she was a young woman and I know firsthand how important it is to be prepared. She used to make her brother and his friend fill out the camping checklist before setting out and if they didn’t have the right equipment, mom would go ahead and pack it for them.

The two items that are absolutely necessary on any camping trip are a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. It may seem like a simple item, but a quality sleeping bag and a nice comfy bed can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to sleep through the night. In my year’s camping, I have seen many different styles, sizes, and shapes of sleeping bags so I know that some sleep better than others. My suggestion is that you get a medium-sized sleeping bag and fill it up with cotton because it does take some getting used to.

Another important camping item that you must pack with you is a stove. You can either buy your own stove or rent one at your local sporting goods store or from a campground. Make sure that you pack at least one stove and this should be a large stove so that it will roast over an open fire. I recommend having at least two stoves with you so that if you get stuck cooking, you can help out.

Other items that I would consider to be part of the camping essentials checklist are a portable stove or chimney, a portable table and chair, a waterproof sleeping bag, a Coleman air mattress, and possibly a portable grill. These things are optional but I highly recommend having at least one of each. If you don’t bring them along on your trip, then you will be really sorry. Besides, having these items will only enhance your enjoyment of your trip.

Other essentials for Camping

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Other items that I wouldn’t consider as true camping essentials, but which are very helpful are food and water. I highly recommend having a couple of weeks’ worth of food and water with you because you never know when you might run out while you are camping. I also recommend having a first aid kit with you because you never know when you may get injured. Other items that are often forgotten but are very necessary include cameras, binoculars, and a digital camera. I also recommend bringing some hiking boots since you never know when you will need to walk for a while. A day hike around the local area is not bad.

The above are just a few of the items that you should be bringing with you on your next camping trip. Make sure that you have a good idea of what you will need before you go. Then all you will have to do is plan your trip and enjoy the experience. Camping is one of the best ways to relax and get back to nature.

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