Best Wild Camping Spot To Explore Around The World -

Best Wild Camping Spot To Explore Around The World

Wild Camping Spot

Exploring the world and exploring one’s self are two of the journeys that help people in defining themselves. Camping on a wild camping spot is one of those boundary-pushing activities that enable living on the edge and discovering the true self. However, very few people take on this adventure because of obvious fears and the lack of the required skill, but it still manages to gather a huge number of adventure aspirers around the world. Here are some of the best spots around the world for wild camping.

The Trossachs And Loch Lomond In Scotland

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When it comes to getting the best of nature along with the deep climate and beauty, Scotland needs no introduction. The place around Loch Lomond is scattered with valleys, peaks, and villages of Trossachs. These features create a very scenic and calming backdrop for a wild camping spot and the accompanying adventure. The place also has the facilities for getting an area for parking caravans and getting the pitches for setting up camps.

Mount Cook National Park – A Marvelous Wild Camping Spot

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New Zealand has its very own identity when it comes to flaunting nature and beauty. The place features some marvel of landscapes like Mount Cook. Mount Cook is also known as Aoraki to the Maoris and is the highest mountain in the country. The place is surrounded by the best of the South Island’s Outdoor, providing one of the finest views along with pitching terrain to the campers.

The Alps Is The Most Outstanding Wild Camping Spot

For the European people as well as the entire world, the Alps are not just a mountain range. They are an emotion connecting and communicating the history, beauty, climate, and culture of Europe. They are a dominating spirit in the chilly winter months but as the spring arrives they become an instant attraction for the campers. The fresh air of the alpine environment, the little villages with cozy shacks and high spirited cultures, and the company of the starry nights are something that can make any explorer go nuts.

Zion National Park In Utah, USA

There’s a lot more to high camping destinations than just snow-clad mountains and Zion National Park is one of its classic examples. The park area features some of the most extraordinary plateaus and canyons and cliffs of red sandstone. The park has two prominent camping sites south and watchmen, but for solitude seekers, they can get a permit for an overnight stay at a wild camping spot in the interior areas.

Vancouver Island Wild Camping Spot

The area surrounding Vancouver Island hosts a diversified ecosystem and campers who are also open to wildlife can find this place quite serene. The region gets wilder as someone moves northwards. Two of the extraordinary places to set up camp include West Coast Trail and The Pacific Rim national park. Campers can easily get to see sea otters playing, orcas coming offshore, and witness the brant geese flying in the sky above them.


There are innumerable options in camping sites for wild campers. But choosing the one for you can be done best by identifying what you like the most and what you seek out of your exploration. The answers to these can make any camping trip worth it.

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