Backpacking Checklist: Get Started

Proper backpacking requires basic arrangements to be made whether you go camping, hiking or trekking, as it frees you to travel and explore further with fewer difficulties. A backpack is not easy to carry for miles but if you have proper planning, you can make your trip a success story. There are times when a backpacking checklist comes in handy.

The Basic Checklist

The checklist
  1. Backpack– Look for a backpack that is small, light, and comfortable to carry.
  2. Sleeping bag– This is of utmost importance for your comfort, so chose a sleeping bag that is comfortable, cozy, and waterproof. It should fit you well, in order to give you a comfortable sleep.
  3. Tent– Absolutely essential for camping, a tent should be lightweight and waterproof. You have the choice of the size of the tent, depending on the number of people on your trip.
  4. Cooking gear– Gear for food and cooking is without a doubt needed when you would like to eat on your backpacking trip.

The Important Checklist

Important items checklist
  1. Water– We all know the importance of water. When you go hiking, you need pure, clean water to avoid the chances of getting dehydrated. You should carry at least three to four liters of water when hiking. Taking a small and handy water filter is a good idea, as you may encounter the possibility of falling short of water and needing a filter to clean outside water.
  2. Cooking– For your hiking trip, keep your cooking situation simple. Buy packed food, which is available in the market. You can eat straight from your pouch, making cleaning easier and keeping the environment clean. All you need is a cup, spoon, glass, and a large aluminum cup.

The Essentials

Accessories and travel items
  1. Hiking pants- Nowadays, the hikers prefer hiking pants rather than shorts. With a convertible feature, you can change the pants into shorts, when it gets hot or vise versa when it’s cold.
  2. Boots- Take a pair of hiking boots and make sure you test them to see they are comfortable, as you will have to walk a lot and carry a lot of weight.
  3. Shirts– Keep some lightweight shirts instead of heavy jackets that are long sleeves, as they will also keep the bugs at bay.
  4. Raincoat– Be ready for the chance of rain by carrying a raincoat.
  5. Caps and gloves- These come in handy when it gets chilly.
  6. Insulated Jacket– Take a lightweight, insulated jacket to keep you sane.

These are just some of the elementary items you must have as part of your backpack checklist; but, there are also some must-haves you should consider when you go out hiking or trekking, such as dry fruit and chocolate.

Remember, take with you toilet paper, packets of tissue paper, and an inexpensive plastic bag for your hygiene. Also, take some basic medicines and insect repellents. Last but not least, don’t forget to take a torch and a whistle which will help people find you if you happen to get lost or separated from the group.

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