Camping Checklist: 8 Essentials

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A camping checklist is one of the major preparations one has to do when planning an outdoor adventure. You should have all the necessary gears and supplies that can assist you while camping outdoors. Camping checklists will vary according to the type of outdoor activities and the length of the trip you have planned. May it be trekking, hiking, or scaling a peak, each one has its own requirements. A camping checklist is of great importance whether you are a beginner or a veteran because it will make a big difference in your camping trip outcome.

A camping checklist is a must for the beginners, as they are capable of forgetting some of the utmost, important items for a camping trip.

Essentials for Your Camping Checklist

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  1. Bedding: A sleeping bag is a must and it should be lightweight, comfortably warm and easily folded. A sleeping mattress/air mattress can also be an option, as it doesn’t carry weight or take up much space. Most importantly, bring a pillow or headrest (which again should be air-filled), air pump, and some extra blankets and sheets.
  2. Tent: A good and easy to carry tent is required for your shelter, which should not be spacious. It should be waterproof and have water resistant tent ground cloth. Do not forget to take an LED lantern as a tent light, which illuminates a good area of the tent.
  3. Stake mallet and stake puller: Some duct tape and tent repairs can save your day when it comes to harsh weather conditions.
  4. The personal gear: Camping checklist should consist of your personal gear like a duffle bag or a backpack of good capacity around 40 liters. Clothes are of your choice, of course, but they should be also light. It’s better to choose to wear long sleeves to help to keep away the bugs and mosquitoes.
  5. Flashlight: This is one of the most essential items to carry, as it will help to make clear items in the dark.
  6. Mini water purifier: This is another huge must, as water is the most essential element to keep you hydrated throughout the trip. The chances of getting pure and clean water are remote when you go camping, so drinking 99.9% pure water will only help you. A double filter makes water consumption just a bit more safe.
  7. Waterproof matchbox/lighter: Some waterproof matchboxes and lighters would be definitely helpful, as you might need them while cooking or enjoying a barbeque in the forests.
  8. Camping chair: Taking a camp chair for your own comfort should also be a priority in your camping checklist. You will be needing one while fishing or just relaxing in the beautiful atmosphere.
Essential items for camping

There are many things you can put on your camping checklist. These products are just some of the most essential ones that will make your camping a fun-filled outdoor event!

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