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5 Scout Camping Activities to Enjoy With Your Troop

Scout Camping Activities

Scout campouts on holiday are an extremely fun way to spend quality time with one’s troop and create beautiful and adventurous and thrilling memories that would last a lifetime and be cherished in the future. Such campouts play a major role in increasing a sense of emotional bonding and feeling within a troop.

Activities To Enjoy With Your Troop:

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Here are some lists of activities that can be introduced in scout camping to retain its fun element and help all team members develop new skills, increase patrol spirit, enjoy the thrilling experience, and help in learning to work cooperatively as a team.

Relay Races : 

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Positive competition is the soul of any scout camping, which provides a platform for all team members to showcase their acquired talents and enjoy a sense of thrill and adventure. It also plays a role in increasing one’s self-confidence and self-esteem and also helps in developing team spirit. Relay races can be of a variety of types ranging from.

  • Competition of making fire building in which the first team to light a fire whose height would exceed 2 feet. with flint, steel and brush wins the competition.
  • stretcher carry in which a stretcher has to be built by all group members and then carry a patrol member to the next part of the obstacle in the relay race.
  • A competition of pushups/ sit-ups in which each patrol member needs to do a particular number of pushup to move on to the next step of the race.

The Manhunt Game, Including Teams Of Runners And Hunters: 

This is the game in which all group members can participate together at the same time. The teams are divided into two groups of hunters and runners. First, runners are asked to hide. The job of the hunters is to find the runners. If a hunter founds any runner they can run away, but if they fail to run away and get tagged by the hunter, then they join the hunter’s team. The entire game continues for a particular period, and if any hunter can save themselves till the end from the hunters, then runners are declared winner. But if the hunter’s team can tag all runners within the stipulated time, they are declared winners.

Sports tournaments: 

Organizing different tournaments like football, cricket, volleyball, etc. can be exciting to introduce fun elements in the scout. The patrol team who wins the majority of the tournaments would be announced as the winner at the end.

Hosting Merit badge clinic: 

Hosting an interactive merit badge clinic in a scout can be an effective way for patrol members to learn leadership skills as well as gain information and direction on how to get merit badges, which would help in gaining new badge.

Capture the Opponent team’s flag to win: 

This is very exciting and competitive game that requires the presence of mind and creativity. Two groups compete against each other. The boundary is set for each team, and each patrol hides their team flags somewhere in their territory. 

After that, the game should begin. All team members cooperate and coordinate with each other to find and capture the other team’s flag somehow. The team who successfully captures the other team’s flag first wins the game.

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