5 Best Camping Lanterns

Lanterns at camps

Lanterns have been used since ancient time. When the sun sets, there comes a need for an artificial illuminator to light our surroundings. The modern device we use now is an improved form of a lantern.

A few decades ago when there was no electricity, people used this device filled with fuel for their place. These days, people use battery operated lanterns. The biggest benefit they have is that they’re portable and can be taken from place to place. In villages, people still use lanterns made up of metal not only for daily use but to show their feelings and celebrate their occasion.

A camping lantern is an enclosed metal device (to protect the flame from wind) filled with fuel. Many different metals are used to make such lanterns that are used for different purposes. Camping lanterns are used by people who love to camp around at night. Hikers, riders, and families who camp outdoors can use camping lanterns for their night vision. They can be used inside the tent, in order to read the hiking route and for other activities.

Every country has its own history of camping lanterns.

Types of Camping Lanterns

When you plan your camping trip, the lantern is the most important thing for visibility. It is the main source for light without electricity.

Pocket LED flashlight
  1. Fuelled camping lantern – Initially, when people started camping, they used liquid fuelled lanterns which were made up of a small metal base tank. To lit the lamp, they needed to pressurize it with a hand pump. It was their only source of life to feel safe at night. Moreover, it was also dangerous, as fuel was used in this lantern and was capable of catching on fire.
  2. Gas lantern– The gas lantern replaced the fuel lantern. These lanterns use kerosene or gasoline to lit up.
  3. Battery operated camping lantern– These days, camping lanterns have changed their form as a battery-operated lantern. People started to find a new, modern, safe way to illuminate their surroundings while camping. Due to this, battery operated lanterns came into existence, but the disadvantage was that the battery needed to be replaced after some time, causing a burden to pockets.
  4. Electrical lantern– These are widely used in campsites that are available for rent, since they can be operated using the crank generator and electrical current provided by the campsite owners.
  5. Solar Lanterns – As the name suggests, these are lanterns that are run using solar energy. They are the most popular lantern these days, in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness. These lanterns can also be used to light LED lights. Solar camping lanterns are rechargeable; hence, they can be used for as long as possible.
A typical lantern

So, now it is clear how important it is to have a camping lantern when you travel to unknown destinations on a camping trip.

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