3 Most Beautiful Camping Spots In Iowa That You Must Visit

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Along with the most beautiful camping spots in Iowa it is known for its fertile land. The state has given a lot to the country. Pioneer in setting an example for the manufacturing units, Iowa has helped the economy grow in many forms. The state is located between the Mississippi river and Missouri. Camping is a popular activity amongst the citizens of the state. Thus it has many breathtaking locations that you can choose from for your camping experience. Here are some camping spots that you must visit in Iowa.

Cherry Glen Camps – Most Beautiful Camping Spots In Iowa

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Popular amongst the campers, Cherry Glen is located in the 26000 acres of land of Saylorville Lake. You can do many activities in the area including outdoor swimming, fishing as well as short treks. This camp is considered one of the oldest campsites and hosts thousands of tourists each year. The 13 acre wood stretch offers a scenic view and can serve as a great place for birdwatchers in the season.

Cherry Glen is also one of the advanced campsites. This is because it has modern restrooms, proper drinking water facilities, playgrounds and even vending machines. There are trash collection centres to minimise the pollution caused by visitors. If you are planning for a camp with your family and you have young ones with you, go for this place.

Maquoketa Caves State Park

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This place is known for the most number of caves in any national park in the US. Alos, it has many caves made from limestones and other rock formations. The campgrounds are filled with tree houses open for tourists. If you are to camp in this caves state park you will have the time of your life. Filled with natural history, this place offers a great place for geologists. The campsites are well planned and half of them are available at walk-in.

The Maquoketa caves also offer a great place for bird watchers, Picnic place, Office outdoor campsites and the likes.

Most Beautiful Camping Spots In Iowa – Lake Red Rock Recreation Area

 The unique thing about this place is that it is managed by the United States Army. ANother noticeable thing is that it is the largest lake in Iowa along with a huge land area of 35 thousand acres. Lake Red Rock is known for the variety of wildlife including bald eagles and white-tailed deers. The campsites are well equipped with electric tents, proper toilet facilities and also shower facilities for the needy. The lake is really vast and fishing is the most popular activity among the campers. Due to its large area, kayaking is also becoming popular in the area. There are many hiking trails too but the activities offered here overpower the other features available.


Camping is a great way to take a break and refreshen oneself. While you are in the state of Iowa these places will definitely help to calm your camping nerves.

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