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10 tips for camping with Toddlers and Babies

Toddler Camping Tips

Introducing little ones to the wonders of the outdoors and being in contact with nature is something many parents long for. However, the idea of ​​camping with a baby or toddler can be a bit daunting, even for the most experienced campers. Here are some tips for camping with a baby and enjoying the experience :

1. Make lists of everything the baby will need

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It is well known that babies need a full load of extra luggage. Avoid the panic by making an exhaustive list of everything you will need and pack everything beforehand.

2. Maintain your sleep routine

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Babies and young children like routine, so keep it as consistent as possible. For babies, use a travel cot to minimize interruptions and, for young children, follow the simple routine of putting them in the sleeping bag, telling them a story and saying good night, trying to always respect the same schedule.

3. Turn to healthy snacks

Surely you do not want to spend your camping days cooking porridge and formulas. Have a supply of snacks for your baby, jars of prepared meals, fruit bags, or dessert jars, and, if you are not exclusively breastfeeding, ready-made formulas, possibly in individual doses so that feeding the baby is not a problem.

4. Take advantage of the facilities

Camping with little ones doesn’t mean you should live in the “wild state.” Restrooms, showers, stores, and cafes can give you much-needed support when camping with them.

5. Not all campsites are the same

Some campsites welcome babies and children and offer plenty of things to keep them entertained, such as sandboxes and play areas. Others will look askance at your “tearful” little ones. The first type offers a much more relaxing experience for parents.

6. Get the kids involved

The best way to prevent a young child from getting bored, angry, and disconnected is to involve them in all aspects of the trip. Ask for their ‘help’ to set up the tent and fetch water. Little ones love having jobs and “responsibilities,” just don’t overestimate their attention span.

7. Sterilization solutions

Babies under six months need to sterilize their bottles and toys. At home we use a sterilizer or boiling water but, when going camping we can resort to more practical solutions such as sterilizing tablets. They are small, easy to carry, and quick to use on the go.

8. Attention to temperature

Cold babies are only slightly less grumpy than hungry babies. Young children are easy to keep warm at night with comforters and blankets, but babies need to be treated with more care. A sleeping bag is recommended in addition to your usual blankets and always cover the crib with a mosquito net to avoid insects.

9. Don’t forget a baby carrier

A backpack or baby sling is essential when camping with a little one. It is ideal for transporting them around camping or hiking, putting them to sleep, and keeping them warm.

10. Don’t be scared

Camping with a baby can seem overwhelming, but it’s often easier than being at home. Babies of any age can enjoy camping; it is never too early to start.

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